• The most obscure alien race in Star Wars canon has been identified as the Dor Namethians.
  • Lexo Sooger was the first Dor Namethian to make an on-screen appearance, though that came in a deleted scene from The Last Jedi.
  • Dor Namethians were officially confirmed as canon in Andor, showcasing the franchise’s depth.

The Star Wars galaxy is filled with a wide variety of alien life, but some species are more prominent than others, and the most obscure alien in the franchise was recently found. Alien races have always been important to Star Wars in both canon and Legends. The variety of alien life shown in Star Wars movies and TV shows is one of the most endearing parts of the franchise, and they help bring the galaxy to life. Though aliens in general are important to Star Wars, there’s one species that can now be considered the most obscure to ever make a canon on-screen appearance.

In a video by Star Wars Centralized, he explained that he had searched through the most forgotten areas of Star Wars to find the most obscure alien race in the entire franchise.

As explained in the video, he examined multiple sources of little-known alien races, from every form of media in both Legends and canon. While there are many contenders for the top spot, one stands alone as the most obscure species: the Dor Namethians.


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Lexo Sooger Is the First Dor Namethian In Star Wars Canon

The Dor Namethian Lexo Sooger giving a client a massage in a deleted scene of Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi
Image by Star Wars Centralized

As Star Wars Centralized discovered, the Dor Namethians are the most obscure alien race in Star Wars. The Dor Namethians first appeared as unused concept art for Return of the Jedi, which was then used for a character card in the nearly forgotten trading card game, Star Wars Customizable Card Game. That Dor Namethian was named Brangus Glee, but the first Dor Namethian to appear on-screen in Star Wars was Lexo Sooger. The species gets even more obscure, though, as Lexo Sooger’s first appearance was in deleted scenes for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which is a dubious source of canon.

Lexo Sooger was a massage therapist in The Last Jedi, and had his scene remained in the film, he would have appeared during Finn and Rose’s fathier chase through Canto Bight. Interestingly, his backstory has actually been explored in a canon Star Wars book, as he was the subject of one of the novellas featured in Canto Bight. That book explained that Lexo Sooger was an assassin before becoming a massage therapist, as Dor Namethians were known for their dexterity. He also adopted a human girl as his daughter, and the book saw him save her from the clutches of a local gangster.

Andor Has Confirmed The Dor Namethians Are Official Canon

Though Dor Namethians made it into official Star Wars canon through both Canto Bight, they still had never had a true canon appearance in a Star Wars show or movie, since Lexo Sooger’s scene was cut. They would later be added to canon, though, as in Andor season 1, episode 7, during Mon Mothma’s dinner party, a Dor Namethian can be seen in the background conversing with guests. That appearance was much more solid than The Last Jedi‘s deleted scenes, and it cemented the Dor Namethians as the most obscure species to ever appear in a Star Wars movie or show.


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The fact that Dor Namethians are so obscure speaks to one of the best aspects of both Andor and Star Wars as a whole. There’s an enormous wealth of lore and little-known knowledge in Star Wars canon, and new shows and movies are still drawing upon it decades later. It’s a sign of the franchise’s longevity and depth, that there are still so many interesting aspects hidden in its history. Dor Namethians may be the most obscure alien race in Star Wars, but they also symbolize one of its best features.

Source: Star Wars Centralized

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