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  • At Calgary Expo, Michelle Hurd spoke in depth about the relationship between Seven and Raffi.
  • Hurd confirms Raffi’s enduring love for Seven, hinting at a potential future in
    Star Trek: Legacy
    if Paramount+ greenlights the series.
  • The unexpected Seven and Raffi romance in Picard was sparked by the chemistry between the Hurd and Jeri Ryan at Comic-Con.

While many Star Trek: The Next Generation fans watched their dreams come true in the third and final season of Star Trek: Picard, Saffi fans were left wanting more. Having gotten together in the Season 1 finale and sharing a rocky, but ultimately happy relationship in Season 2, Saffi — or Seven and Raffi to those who may not know their ‘ship moniker — went through an off-screen break-up ahead of the final season. While the split was never really directly addressed in the jam-packed season, it set both characters up to serve as the captain and first officer of the newly commissioned Enterprise-G in the series finale.

Speaking during a panel at Calgary Expo hosted by Collider’s Maggie Lovitt, a fan asked Michelle Hurd about the break-up and the relationship’s potential future in Star Trek: Legacy. Laughing, Hurd said, “[You say] break up and I’ve got my U-Haul.” She went on to say that she and her co-star Jeri Ryan have discussed the relationship at length. “Jeri and I have also talked about this and I’ve said it to her many times. And I’m like, ‘You do understand that Raffi loves Seven, period. End of discussion.’ She will love Seven [until] the end of time.

While that answer is about as straightforward as they come, Hurd went on to say, “The one thing that we also have to acknowledge is that Raffi loves Seven, that Fenris Ranger, that incredible creature, that amazing individual that stands in front of her. Raffi would never want to limit her or extinguish any of her beautiful flames. So, Raffi will always be happy with Seven in her vision.” Even if the pair technically shouldn’t be in a relationship while in command, “She wants Seven to be happy with Raffi in her eyesight, but she’s perfectly happy to be in her space.”


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Hurd went on to say, “One of the things that we really wanted to tell [was] that story of two women of a certain age, who are stubborn, who are set in their patterns, who are living their lives as authentically as they can, who can’t help but find each other. So with that, it’s a beautiful thing, but it’s a complicated thing. And so, I think that there’s always going to be love there.” While we don’t know if Legacy will get the green light yet at Paramount+, if the spin-off does happen Hurd said:

“It would be an amazing thing to see that kind of dynamic, to see the respect that each other has to have for each other’s space as well as, [some] jealousy[…] I think it would be a phenomenal story. So I can’t say for sure whether there’s going to be, you know, a white picket fence. But if you’re asking Raffi, there’s a white picket fence”

How Saffi Became Part of the ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 1 Finale

During the panel, another fan spoke about being surprised by the handhold between Seven and Raffi in the Picard Season 1 finale and asked Hurd if the relationship was planned from the beginning or if it was added in later. While their romance wasn’t always planned, Hurd explained that when she looked back at the first season there was an “appreciation” between Seven and Raffi from their first scenes together. She said: “I think that in that season, that episode where they’re getting ready to go down to the planet, and I’m helping Seven and Raffi’s giving her [the handcuffs], you could tell that she respects her. So there was already some kind of appreciation between the two of them that moment.”

Hurd went on to tell the story of how at SDCC ahead of the first season, co-star Jonathan Del Arco happened to snap a picture of Hurd and Ryan dressed to the nines and immediately showed it to their producers. She told the Calgary Expo crowd:

“I believe it was at the San Diego Comic-Con, that same event, which was huge and fantastic. And they had a green room, a space where all the actors and everybody goes to get ready for whatever. And Jeri was in this fantastic red dress. She was absolutely gorgeous, and I was wearing a white Helston jumpsuit, so I didn’t look too bad myself. And we’re friends, I adore her, and we were standing together and I kind of put my arm around her waist and I kind of gave her a squeeze. And Jonathan Del Arco, Hugh, [and] Jeri’s manager is Jonathan’s husband. So we’re all friends, with Kyle [Fritz].

So Jonathan was standing over there, and he was like, ‘Oh my God, look at me.’ And so we both just looked at him and he took a picture. And then I swear to God, he took that camera, walked right over to our producers,
Akiva Goldsman
Alex Kurtzman
, [and]
Michael Chabon
. We’re all sitting right there, and he said, ‘You guys look at how big these two look together.’”

The rest was history as the producers immediately turned around and told Hurd and Ryan, “‘Ladies, we have an idea,’ and that’s how it started.” While we wait to see if Hurd and Ryan will return on Star Trek: Legacy you can stream all three seasons of Picard on Paramount+.

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