Netflix shares the first images from Trigger Warning, an upcoming action thriller movie starring Jessica Alba as a Special Forces commando.

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  • Jessica Alba is best known for
    Fantastic Four
    Sin City
    , but hasn’t been overly active in the movie space in recent years.
  • Alba stars in
    Trigger Warning
    , a Netflix action thriller in which she plays a Special Forces soldier facing off against a gang in her hometown.
  • Netflix shares new images from
    Trigger Warning
    , teasing Alba in a grittier role.

Netflix shares images from Trigger Warning, Jessica Alba’s upcoming action film. Alba is still widely known for her starring role as Sue Storm in the two Fantastic Four movies from the mid-2000s, but the actor also appeared in projects like Sin City and Machete. The actor hasn’t been appearing quite as regularly in movies over the last few years, but she’s set to make a comeback with Trigger Warning, director Moula Surya’s Netflix film in which the actor plays a former Special Forces soldier facing off against a violent gang in her hometown.

Now, Netflix shared a first look at Trigger Warning on X, formerly Twitter, showing Alba in action as Parker. Check out the images below:

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