• Kevin Costner’s
    Horizon: An American Saga
    will be released in two parts, with Chapter 1 in June and Chapter 2 in August.
  • The runtime for
    is reportedly three hours, fitting for an epic Western film like this duet.
  • Costner’s dedication to the
    movies impacted his schedule on other projects, reflecting his passion for the project.

The runtime for Kevin Costner’s Horizon: An American Saga is seemingly revealed. Directed by Costner, Horizon is an upcoming Western film that will be released in two parts. The first part, Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 1 is set for release on June 28, with the second part, Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 2 coming less than two months later on August 16.

As per Deadline, Horizon’s run time is reportedly revealed. The source quoted Horizon as a “3-hour Western,” suggesting that the film will be three hours. The source did not specify which of the two Horizon films they were referring to. In addition to stating the Horizon run time, the source posited that the film can “either be a $5 M or a $100 M movie” at the box office.

Will Horizon Live Up To Expectations?

Horizon Is A Gamble For Costner

If this is accurate, Horizon will be a lengthy summer release. Though long, a three-hour run time would not be entirely surprising for Horizon. For one, the run time fits the genre, as the film duet is slated to be a duology of epic Westerns, which typically use long run times to span complex narratives and take their time to let the audience take in the luscious, wide-shot scenery. Secondly, Costner has reportedly poured a lot into the Horizon movies, so it makes sense that he would take his time with them.

Kevin Costner will both direct and star in the

The length of the Horizon films also helps contextualize how dominating these movies were to Costner’s schedule. Before leaving the TV series Yellowstone, Costner tried to demand that the network shorten the amount of days that he would be called to set, in order to clear the way for the development of his Horizon films. While these scheduling concerns are partially attributable to Costner’s love for the project and the making of two films, a three-hour run time could also help to explain why the Horizon films were all-consuming for Costner.


Horizon: An American Saga – Release Date, Story & Everything We Know About Kevin Costner’s Western Epic

The first installment in Kevin Costner’s Horizon: An American Saga kicks off the actor-director’s ambitious passion project.

With this run time also comes the great responsibility for Horizon to deliver. There is nothing worse than a three-hour movie that plods along sluggishly. In order to avoid this fate, Horizon must live up to its high expectations by keeping audiences engaged for its entire runtime. The anticipation is high for Horizon, which will either help or hurt the film, as audiences might have high hopes and risk disappointment if the film underperforms. Hopefully, Costner’s passion project will pay off as the Horizon films prepare for theatrical release this summer.

Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 1
will release in theaters on June 28.

Source: Deadline

Horizon- An American Saga Poster

Horizon: An American Saga

Horizon: An American Saga is a Western film directed by Kevin Costner, and sees him in the starring role. The film explores multiple generations surrounding the expansion of the American West before and after the Civil War. Horizon is the first in a series of four films, all of which were greenlit by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Kevin Costner

Release Date
June 28, 2024

New Line Cinema , Territory Pictures

Warner Bros. Pictures

Jon Baird , Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner , Sienna Miller , Sam Worthington , Luke Wilson , Giovanni Ribisi , Thomas Haden Church , Jena Malone , Abbey Lee , Michael Rooker , Danny Huston , Isabelle Fuhrman , Jeff Fahey , Will Patton , Tatanka Means , Ella Hunt , Jamie Campbell Bower

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