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  • Ariana Madix talks about her long-distance relationship with Daniel Wai, sharing challenges and funny moments in a
    Vanderpump Rules
    sneak peek.
  • Madix and Wai discuss potentially living in the same city, with Wai hesitant to leave New York.
  • Madix and Wai communicate well, adjusting to time differences and supporting each other despite the distance.

Ariana Madix was put through the ringer in Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules. It was revealed at the end of the season that Madix’s boyfriend of nine years, Tom Sandoval, had been cheating on her with their friend Rachel Leviss, and thus Scandoval was born. Out of it, Madix ended up on Dancing with the Stars and making her Broadway debut in Chicago. Now fans are getting to meet her boyfriend, Daniel Wai, more on the series! Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules has been a lot of the cast essentially telling Madix to get over it, but in a new clip, we get to see Madix and Wai talking about their long-distance relationship.

In a preview for this week’s episode, we see Madix and Wai talking about the upcoming San Francisco trip. “We’re gonna fly on the plane tomorrow,” Madix says to Wai, and he confirms that it is their first time flying together. But the two also talk about their long distance and how it works for them. “I feel like long-distance has been really good for us in a lot of ways because we’ve gotten to know each other just talking to each other all the time,” Madix said as she lives in Los Angeles and Wai is in New York.


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Wai went on while talking with Madix, saying “It’s good and bad, right?” he said. “I work so many jobs. I’m busy. I work seven days a week, but it sucks because I don’t see you.” Madix went on to talk about how the time difference can be funny at times for their relationship. “There’s definitely been times where he’s getting up in the morning for work, and I’m going to bed from the night before, which is fun,” she reveals. “We’re like, ‘Goodnight,’ ‘Good morning.’”

Ariana Madix Spoke About Her Relationship With Daniel Wai on Scheana Shay’s PodcastAriana Madix in a promotional image for Vanderpump Rules Season 11

The clip goes on to talk about whether or not the two would live in the same city sometime soon. “Well, what about moving here?” Madix asked him. “How fun would that be?” But even when she talked about the harsh winters that happen in New York, his response was “We’ll just go to Europe or something instead.” Madix has, in the past, talked about why Wai isn’t too keen on leaving the city. While talking to Scheana Shay on her podcast, Scheananigans, Madix explained that Wai was born and raised in New York.“I’d love it if he moved out here, but he’s born and raised in New York, so I can understand how that would be a huge adjustment,” she said, adding that she “wouldn’t want to take him away from his family.”

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