• Lee
    ‘s first trailer shows off Kate Winslet’s journey as World War II photojournalist Lee Miller.
  • The film follows Miller’s journey from fashion model to war correspondent for
  • Lee
    premiered at TIFF last year and earned somewhat lukewarm reviews, with Winslet’s performance frequently cited as a high point.

Kate Winslet becomes acclaimed photographer Lee Miller in the first trailer for Lee, a World War II drama. Directed by Ellen Kuras, Lee chronicles Miller’s real-life journey as she goes from fashion model to wartime correspondent for Vogue magazine. In addition to Winslet, the film stars Andy Samberg, Marion Cotillard, Alexander Skarsgård, Andrea Riseborough, and Josh O’Connor.

Ahead of Lee‘s theatrical release date later this year, RoadsideFlix releases the film’s first official teaser trailer. Check it out below:

The trailer features a number of different looks at Winslet’s character at different points in her life, as well as teases what to expect from the film’s impressive supporting cast. In addition to more emotional, poignant moments, the film will seemingly not shy away from showing some of the horrors of war.

could make for an interesting double feature with Alex Garland’s
Civil War

. Both films explore wartime photojournalism, and a reference is made in the latter film regarding Kirsten Dunst’s character having the same first name as Lee Miller.


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How Lee Was Received After Its TIFF Premiere

Some Critics Have Already Reviewed The New Kate Winslet Film

Kate Winslet looking shellshocked in Lee

Although Lee isn’t hitting theaters until this September, the film actually already screened for some audiences at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival. Reviews for Lee dropped not long afterward and the response so far has been generally positive. After appearing as part of the cast of Titanic opposite Leonardo DiCaprio, Winslet has become one of Hollywood’s most talented and acclaimed actors, and most reviews seem to agree that she is one of the strongest parts of Lee.

Winslet and Riseborough recently appeared together as part of the
cast of
The Regime

, a HBO miniseries that aired earlier this year.

As of writing, Lee holds a respectable but somewhat muted 65% on Rotten Tomatoes from 25 critics’ reviews. This score is sure to change as more reviews are added, but the more lukewarm response thus far suggests the movie may not end up being a major awards contender. While opinions in the reviews differ, a consensus among critics seems to be that Lee feels like a fairly standard biopic, unfortunately falling victim to many of the genre’s tropes and shortcomings.

Even if Lee ends up being fairly by-the-numbers as far as biopics go, the trailer does tease a new type of role for Samberg, who is frequently in more comedic projects. With talented actors like Skarsgård, Cotillard, and Riseborough also making up the supporting cast, it seems, at the very least, that the film will feature some strong, entertaining performances. It remains to be seen how audiences receive Lee, but the film, if nothing else, will shed some light on a major figure in the world of war photojournalism.

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