A new entry in the public domain horror genre that is unrelated to Blood and Honey will pit Winnie the Pooh against Steamboat Willie’s Mickey Mouse.

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  • Mickey vs. Winnie
    is a new horror movie pitting childhood icons against one another in a battle of terror and gore.
  • The movie, which features Mickey Mouse and Winnie- he Pooh as twisted villains, is currently in production in Michigan.
  • The movie joins a long tradition of horror movie crossovers including
    House of Frankenstein
    Alien vs. Predator

Mickey vs. Winnie is the latest movie to transform iconic public domain children’s characters into bloodthirsty horror villains. The most notable entry in the unusual subgenre is 2023’s Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey, which turned A. A. Milne’s iconic characters from the Hundred Acre Wood into feral slasher villains. The movie was followed by a sequel and has several spinoffs in development following characters including Bambi, Peter Pan, and Pinocchio, leading to the upcoming crossover Poohniverse: Monsters Assemble.

iHorror has announced that they are currently in production in Michigan on a new public domain exploitation movie titled Mickey vs. Winnie that is in the same irreverent tradition as Blood and Honey but is nevertheless unrelated. The movie, which is being directed by Glenn Douglas Packard from his own screenplay, will pit Winnie the Pooh against the Steamboat Willie version of Mickey Mouse, which recently entered the public domain. Packard is also producing alongside Rachel Carter and iHorror‘s Anthony Pernicka. Read the synopsis of the movie and see its official poster below:

In the 1920s, two convicts escape into a cursed forest only to be dragged and consumed into the depths of the dark forest’s muddy heart. A century later, a group of thrill-seeking friends unknowingly venture into the same woods. Their Airbnb getaway takes a horrifying turn when the convicts mutate into twisted versions of childhood icons Mickey Mouse & Winnie-The-Pooh, and emerge to terrorize them. A night of violence and gore erupts, as the group of friends battle against their now monstrous beloved childhood characters and fight to break free from the forest’s grip. In a horrific spectacle, Mickey and Winnie clash, painting the woods in a gruesome tableau of blood—a chilling testament to the curse’s insidious power.

 A Silhouetted Figure Runs Beneath Mashed Up Figures of Mickey and Winnie the Pooh on the Poster for Mickey vs Winnie

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