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  • Director Barry Jenkins defends the
    Mufasa: The Lion King
    prequel, highlighting
    The Lion King
    ‘s emotional depth and Shakespearean influence.
  • The director refutes accusations of it being a ‘soulless’ franchise entry, highlighting his diverse portfolio catered to all audiences.
  • Jenkins emphasizes children’s role in his projects, asserting
    won’t fall short in delivering meaningful content.

Mufasa: The Lion King director Barry Jenkins has responded to criticism of the upcoming Disney prequel, defending it from claims that it’s a “soulless” entry in the franchise. The follow-up to 2019’s live-action The Lion King remake follows the story of Mufasa’s youth, as he goes from an orphaned lion cub to ruler of the Pride Lands. The film will be told through flashbacks, allowing familiar characters to return at different stages in the story’s timeline.

Now, Jenkins has taken to social media in response to critics of the upcoming Mufasa prequel, defending it from comments about it being a “soulless” entry in The Lion King franchise.

Jenkins defends his upcoming prequel by pointing out the emotional potency of the original, including its inspiration from the works of William Shakespeare.

The director then presented the argument that, even though this movie is aimed at a family audience unlike his other work, he has still made a variety of projects across different genres in the past.

He then defends the movie’s merits as a children’s film, saying kids have been part of his work since his Oscar-winning Moonlight, and that it doesn’t mean Mufasa won’t measure up to his other work.

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