A Marvel actor who has appeared in multiple MCU movies expresses his interest in being the next live-action Batman within James Gunn’s DCU.

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  • Winston Duke, known for playing M’Baku in Black Panther, reveals he wants to play Batman.
  • Duke explains that he would like to challenge the way characters liek Batman
    “are supposed to look, sound, and perform.”
  • Winston Duke could be a strong contested for the role of the DCU’s Batman due to his previous action movie roles and his voice role as the Dark Knight in the podcast
    Batman Unburied

A Black Panther actor expresses his interest in playing the DCU’s Batman after his MCU roles prepared him for it. James Gunn’s plans for the DCU’s first chapter, Gods and Monsters, include Andy Muschietti’s Batman movie The Brave and the Bold, which will introduce a brand-new live-action Batman within the DCU. Many stars have already been the subjects of fan-casts, though the final decision will likely be made much closer to The Brave and the Bold‘s release date around 2027.

Speaking to SlashFilm, Black Panther star Winston Duke puts his name forward for Batman’s DCU casting. While promoting The Fall Guy, Duke states that he would like to campaign for the role of the Dark Knight. Read the actor’s comments below:

“Listen, man, can you start that [campaign]? [Laughs] I would say I challenge you to get on all these socials and push for me. Get your community. I would love to. I would love to do that as Batman. I’d love any opportunity to explore new characters, to change narratives around some of these entrenched ideas of how these characters are supposed to look, sound, and perform. I’m all for it.”

Source: SlashFilm

The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Robin in the DC Comics written by Grant Morrison

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