• A new title for the R-rated cut of
    Rebel Moon
    might be
    Rebel Moon – Chapter One: A Chalice of Blood
    , hinting at the extreme violence and sexual content in the extended cut.
  • The R-rated director’s cut of Rebel Moon will be much darker and more graphic than the released PG-13 version.
  • The extended R-rated versions might address criticisms of lackluster storylines and characters from the PG-13 editions, potentially setting up a darker future for the franchise.

The title of Rebel Moon‘s R-rated director’s cut has seemingly been revealed, indicating the upcoming expanded version of Part One: A Child of Fire will be very different. Both films in the sci-fi duology were released on Netflix as PG-13 cuts, both sporting runtimes hovering around 2 hours in length for each movie. However, later this year, both films will be getting R-rated director’s cuts which include an extra hour per film, bringing the saga to a six-hour experience.

Now, Film Ratings (via GamesRadar) reports that the released Rebel Moon – Part One will be getting a name change when the R-rated version comes out. One of the listed alternative names is Rebel Moon – Chapter One: A Chalice of Blood, a far cry from the original title of A Child of Fire. It indicates just how dark the upcoming installment will be, with a title that’s much more aligned with the type of movie director Zack Snyder says the new version will be.

What Rebel Moon’s R-Rated Title Says About The Director’s Cut

Jimmy the Robot voiced by Anthony Hopkins with glowing blue eyes next to Sofia Boutella as Kora looking angry in Rebel Moon
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Alongside the new title, Film Ratings lists the movie as having “brutal bloody violence and gore, sexual content, graphic nudity and language.” This is much different from the PG-13 version, which didn’t contain much blood nor many sexual scenes at all. However, Snyder has previously teased how dark the R-rated version is going to be, confirming there would be violent deaths and sex scenes before the original version was even released. With a dark new title attached, it seems the extended cut will be honoring the many promises its director has made.

While the new version of the movie will be much darker and more graphic, it’s unclear if the additional content will help the movie in the eyes of critics. Rebel Moon – Part One reviews are mostly negative, critical of most elements of the film, especially its lackluster story and flat characters. Part Two fared even worse with critics, indicating major flaws in the PG-13 releases of the movies. Although the newer renditions will be longer and more mature than the original versions, it still remains to be seen how well they will address the criticisms of their predecessors.

Snyder has major plans for the franchise, with Rebel Moon – Part Three a possibility in the future. Rebel Moon‘s new title will seemingly help define that future, hinting at a further exploration of the Imperium’s evil and the darkness still inside Kora from her time with them. This might help bolster the movie compared to its previous rendition, offering a deeper look at its characters and their hatred for the tyrannical group. However, it remains to be seen just how much the R-rated version impacts reception to the budding sci-fi franchise.

The R-rated extended cuts for
Rebel Moon – Part One
Rebel Moon – Part Two
will be released later this year.

Source: Film Ratings (via GamesRadar)

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Rebel Moon

From director Zack Snyder comes Rebel Moon, a sci-fi action movie set in the depths of space and following a colony that is facing the threat of Regent Balisarius. Sofia Boutella plays a warrior charged with recruiting others in the fight against the tyrant, and his unstoppable forces that are dead set on conquest. 

Release Date
December 22, 2023

The Stone Quarry , Grand Electric


Djimon Hounsou , Sofia Boutella , Charlotte Maggi , Ray Fisher , Jena Malone , E. Duffy , Staz Nair , Doona Bae , Sky Yang , Charlie Hunnam , Cleopatra Coleman

$90 Million

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