• Terrifier 3
    ‘s release date has been moved up to October 11, two weeks earlier than planned.
  • The earlier release date may help the film reach a wider audience during Halloween season.
  • Despite facing competition,
    Terrifier 3
    is expected to continue the franchise’s success with increased violence and gore.

Terrifier 3 has moved its release date, and the film will now arrive earlier than expected. The horror sequel is directed by Terrifier franchise creator Damien Leone, and will follow a slasher horror plot that sees Art the Clown return for vengeance on Christmas Eve. Terrifier 3 features a leading cast including Daniel Roebuck, Lauren LaVera, David Howard Thornton, Charlotte McKee, and Margaret Anne Florence.

Per Variety, Terrifier 3 has changed its release date. The sequel will now arrive on October 11. This change puts the horror movie two weeks earlier than its original release date of October 25.

Terrifier 3 Is A Horror Movie To Watch Out For This Fall

Teffifier 3 Is Up Against Plenty Of Horror Competiton

Moving the release date earlier could have strengths and weaknesses for Terrifier 3. On the one hand, a low-budget movie like Terrifier 3 will draw crowds the closer to Halloween it gets. This was the benefit of the original October 25 release, as it positioned the film just six days before Halloween. Releasing earlier in the month, however, Terrifier 3 will have more time to sit with audiences during the spooky season. If it is still in theaters by Halloween, it can still potentially draw that crowd while being given more time to amass ticket sales.

As Terrifier 3 prepares for its October release, it will have several other titles to compete with at the box office. The week before its release, medical horror-thriller We Harvest is set to release on October 4. After Terrifier 3 comes the release of the anticipated sequel Smile 2 and the Danny Trejo horror thriller Detour 95. Releasing on Halloween is also Bambi: The Reckoning, a mascot horror tale that provides a sinister spin on the classic deer.

On its face, it looks like Terrifier 3 will face some stiff competition this fall. Despite its lower budget, though, Terrifier 3 stands a fighting chance at the box officel. While the first Terrifier film brought in merely $416,322 worldwide, Terrifier 2 took home $15.3 million, which was an astounding total given the $250,000 budget. The rise in revenue from the first to the second film also shows that the Terrifier franchise is gaining momentum. This pattern bodes well for the success of Terrifier 3.


Art The Clown’s Origins & 7 Other Questions Terrifier 3 Must Answer

Terrifier 3 must explain what Art the Clown is, how to defeat him, the Little Pale Girl’s origins, and so many more lingering franchise mysteries.

If statements from Leone are any indication, Terrifier 3 will also raise the stakes from the previous films. Leone has previously said that the levels of blood and gore in the third film exceed that of the already sanguine first two films. As teased in the Terrifier 3 trailer, the elevated violence will be additionally jarring. Between the franchise’s momentum, heightened scares, and earlier release date, Terrifier 3 is well-positioned to be a low-budget horror success this fall.

Terrifier 3
will release in theaters on October 11.

Source: Variety

Terrifier 3 Poster

Terrifier 3

Terrifier 3 is the third film in Damien Leone’s ultra-violent horror series starring David Howard Thornton as Art the Clown. The third film is set during Christmas time, with Art unleashing his reign of terror on Miles County citizens on Christmas Eve. Lauren LaVera returns as Sienna, along with Damien Leone as director and writer.

Damien Leone

Dark Age Cinema , Fuzz on the Lens Productions


Damien Leone

David Howard Thornton , Lauren LaVera

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