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  • Gustin states he feels there are no doors closed to him right now as he is open to future projects and opportunities.
  • The actor mentions his conversation with James Gunn was more about their shared love of Superman than any casting setup.
  • Gustin fell in love with Superman because of Christopher Reeve’s portrayal in movies.

Arrowverse star Grant Gustin discusses his acting future following DC Universe rumors that cropped up about him being rumored to play The Flash again, after a DM conversation with James Gunn.

In an interview with Men’s Health, Gustin expanded on the news from a few weeks ago about him having a chat with Gunn over social media, which fueled many rumors about him potentially coming back as The Flash for the DC Universe, as he was asked the following:

Men’s Health: Are the doors closed for any characters you’ve played before? Is signing a multi-year contract too much of a commitment now with other projects you’re looking to play in the future? I know every outlet is picking up on your innocent DMs with James Gunn.

Grant Gustin: Look, there are no doors right now that are slammed shut for me in any capacity. And that’s why I said what I said about James Gunn. I love the Guardians movies, I love what he’s done, but the soundbite that’s getting picked up everywhere…

Men’s Health: It was talking as a fan about Superman.

Grant Gustin: Yeah. I fell in love with Superman because of Christopher Reeve. I loved those movies as a kid, and have remained a Superman fan my whole life because of those movies. When Brandon Routh was Superman in Superman Returns, I was 16, and I had just gotten my driver’s license. I drove to the midnight premiere to see him, with Superman insignias on my car in chalk.

I don’t know if he was already following me or not, but I just DMed him and said, ‘I can’t wait to see what you do with that.’ So he just hit me back up and then, yeah, he said he thought I was talented and said that he’d love to work with me someday, which is a very general nice thing to say.

Men’s Health: There was no contract, I’m guessing.

Grant Gustin: Yeah, that did not happen. [And] I don’t know what’s next in my career. I have a family; I have a second kid on the way. I have stuff to take care of.

Source: Men’s Health

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