• Giancarlo Esposito joins the MCU in a mystery role, not as Charles Xavier as previously rumored.
  • Esposito could potentially play a major MCU villain, such as Kang the Conqueror, with the ability to make each variant unique.
  • Esposito could also fit well into the X-Men reboot as either Magneto or Mister Sinister due to his gravitas and dramatic skills.

Giancarlo Esposito has been cast in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Esposito has been collecting villain roles in some exciting franchises. His most iconic character is Gus Fring, whom he played in Breaking Bad and its spinoff series, Better Call Saul. Esposito has also been a part of projects like The Mandalorian, Harley Quinn, and The Boys. With so many projects throughout his career, Esposito stands as a major get for the MCU’s upcoming projects.

During a panel at CCXP Mexico (via Collider), Esposito revealed that he has joined the MCU in a mystery role. The actor said it is not Charles Xavier, who he was previously fancast as. Esposito said he would appear “sooner rather than later,” and it is “better than you can imagine.” The actor’s career makes him an easy choice to play a major MCU villain. However, Esposito has mentioned that he wanted to play Charles Xavier to do something different this time around, as he would love to give life to a Marvel hero.


Giancarlo Esposito Reveals He Passed On Loki For A Bigger MCU Role

Giancarlo Esposito admits he passed on appearing in Disney+’s Loki, seemingly in the hopes that he’ll get a bigger role on the film side of the MCU.

Who Could Giancarlo Esposito Play In The MCU?

The Actor Could Be A Hero Or A Villain

Esposito made it clear that he wanted to play Charles Xavier in the MCU. However, as the actor will not be giving life to Professor X, there are some exciting characters who could be his mystery role. As he wanted to be a hero, a role like Blue Marvel could be a great choice for the actor. Esposito. The character shares the same strong will and intelligence as some of Esposito’s past roles, allowing him to play a hero who would be among the MCU’s smartest and most powerful.


10 Marvel Characters Giancarlo Esposito Could Play In The MCU

After announcing that he has met with Marvel Studios about a potential MCU role, Giancarlo Esposito fan casting has taken over the internet.

While the actor might have gotten his wish of playing a Marvel hero, judging by his career and mention of a role that is better than fans can imagine, Esposito could also have been cast as a major villain in the Multiverse Saga. The MCU is currently without a main threat to its heroes, as Jonathan Majors was fired from the franchise. Esposito could take over the role of Kang the Conqueror and his variants, with the actor having the acting skills to make each variant unique, just like Majors did.

While he was not cast as Professor X, Esposito might still have made it into the MCU’s X-Men reboot. The actor would be a perfect fit for two major X-Men villains. Esposito has the gravitas and dramatic skills needed for a role as complex as Magneto in the MCU. The actor also has the range to play a more unpredictable foe in Mister Sinister, who Marvel Studios is shining a light on in the animated X-Men ’97. With Giancarlo Esposito‘s tease that he will soon debut in the MCU, perhaps Deadpool & Wolverine will reveal who he is playing.

Source: CCXP Mexico (via Collider)

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