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  • Neve Campbell reveals that her salary offer for
    Scream 7
    was ”
  • Campbell didn’t return as Sidney Prescott for
    Scream 6
    due to a pay dispute.
  • Getting Campbell back for the new movie was crucial given the departure of other cast members.

Scream 7 star Neve Campbell addresses her salary offer for the new movie after pay kept her from returning for Scream 6. After getting its start back in 1996, the Scream franchise now consists of six installments in total, the most recent of which hit theaters last year. The movie, which was directed by Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, was the first entry in the franchise not to feature Campbell’s Sidney Prescott, with the actor revealing that she received what she considered to be a disrespectful salary offer.

As the wait for Scream 7 continues, Campbell addresses her salary negotiations for the new film during an interview with People. According to the actor, the negotiations this time felt far more befitting of her contributions to the decades-spanning franchise. Check out her comment below:

“I’ve lived with Sidney for 30 years, and I’m really, really grateful to get to go back to it. I’m really grateful that the studio heard me when I talked about pay discrepancy and when I talked about [Scream VI negotiations] not feeling respectful.

“When they first approached me [for Scream 7], I thought, ‘I don’t know what respectful looks like to them. We might be in very different places.’ But they started out in a strong place, so that was lovely. It feels nice to have put that out into the world and to have been listened to and to have made a difference in that way. I hope other people get that opportunity too.”

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