• Ryan Gosling responds to Wade Wilson’s Gosling-themed shirt in the
    Deadpool & Wolverine
  • Gosling playfully requests Reynolds to return his borrowed shirt during an interview with
  • Gosling and Reynolds’ friendship could lead to a Gosling cameo in
    Deadpool & Wolverine

The Fall Guy star Ryan Gosling has a hilarious response to Ryan Reynolds’ decision to wear a Gosling-themed shirt in the MCU‘s Deadpool & Wolverine. Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson likes to poke fun at real-life celebrities, and Deadpool & Wolverine provides him with plenty of opportunities to do it within the MCU. Even before Deadpool & Wolverine‘s July 2024 release date arrives, the Merc With a Mouth is already poking fun at Ryan Reynolds’ real-life actor friends.

Speaking to ET during The Fall Guy‘s worldwide premiere, Ryan Gosling sent his old friend Ryan Reynolds a very concise message in response to his cameo appearance in the form of a shirt pattern. Read Gosling’s thoughts below:

“I mean, I just want my shirt back.” (…) “He borrowed that shirt from me and I need it back.”

How Ryan Gosling Could Fully Cameo In Deadpool & Wolverine

Deadpool Has Inclulded A-List Cameos In Previous Movies

Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds’ recent interactions are a result of their friendship, though it’s also possible that Reynolds actually borrowed the shirt from Gosling during the latter’s filming days in Deadpool & Wolverine‘s production. Previously, 2016’s Deadpool featured a cameo by the whole X-Men: Apocalypse main cast, and Deadpool 2 featured Brad Pitt in a blink-and-you-miss it cameo as the invisible hero The Vanisher. Likewise, Ryan Gosling could appear in a single Deadpool & Wolverine shot, either as a minor character or as himself.

Brad Pitt’s Deadpool 2 cameo happened thanks to Ryan Reynolds and director David Leitch, who helmed 2018’s Deadpool 2 and 2022’s Bullet Train. Brad Pitt agreed to appear in a few frames of Deadpool 2, and Leitch — who began his career as Pitt’s stunt double — invited Ryan Reynolds to play the treacherous Agent Carver in a brief scene of Bullet Train. Now that David Leitch’s The Fall Guy and Deadpool & Wolverine are coming out so close together, a similar deal could have been made between the director, Ryan Reynolds, and The Fall Guy‘s main star Ryan Gosling.


Deadpool & Wolverine Is Finally Allowed To Canonize The 8 Year Old Cameo Deadpool Couldn’t

Deadpool & Wolverine has the chance to reveal the MCU origin of a minor character who made a sneaky cameo in Wade Wilson’s first solo movie.

As to who Ryan Gosling could play in a hypothetical Deadpool & Wolverine cameo, the possibilities are endless. Gosling could play a short-lived variant of a Marvel character who hails from a doomed universe, or he could play himself. After all, Ryan Reynolds already appeared as himself in Deadpool 2‘s post-credits scene, where Deadpool traveled back in time and shot Reynolds in the head for accepting to play Hal Jordan in DC’s 2011 Green Lantern movie.

Source: ET

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