• Paul Walter Hauser officially joins
    The Fantastic Four
    ‘s cast.
  • Hauser is known for playing Stingray in
    Cobra Kai
    , as well as for his roles in
    , and
    I, Tonya
  • Hauser’s MCU role is yet to be confirmed, though it’s possible that he will voice the Fantastic Four’s robot assistant HERBIE.

Paul Walter Hauser has been cast in The Fantastic Four in an undisclosed MCU role. The Fantastic Four‘s MCU cast continues to grow as the Phase 5 movie’s 2025 release date approaches. After The Fantastic Four‘s titular team and Julia Garner’s Silver Surfer casting news, more actors are joining the film. The Fantastic Four‘s main villain hasn’t been announced, let alone cast. Likewise, classic Fantastic Four side characters such as Ben Grimm’s girlfriend Alicia Masters, the team’s mailman Willie Lumpkin, and Sue and Reed’s children Franklin and Valeria Richards haven’t been confirmed yet.

As confirmed by Deadline, actor Paul Walter Hauser has been cast in Matt Shakman’s The Fantastic Four. Which Marvel character Hauser is playing is yet to be revealed, though the actor’s previous roles could point to a few possible Marvel figures. Hauser is the sixth actor to join The Fantastic Four after Pedro Pascal, Vanessa Kirby, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Joseph Quinn, and Julia Garner, which suggests that he will play a sizable role in the MCU movie.

Who Is Paul Walter Hauser And Who He Could Be Playing In The Fantastic Four

The Actor’s MCU Role Is Currently Undisclosed

Paul Walter Hauser is best known for Cobra Kai, where he has played the immature martial artist Raymond Porter a.k.a. Stingray in seasons 2 through 5. Hauser also appeared in the 2022 true crime miniseries Black Bird as serial killer Larry Hall; in 2021’s Cruella as the titular villain’s bumbling henchman Horace, and in the 2018 dramedy BlackKklansman as the comically evil Ivanhoe. Paul Walter Hauser’s credits also include the famous sitcoms Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and Community.

Hauser’s comedic skills and experience in the comedy genre may have earned him the role of the Fantastic Four’s robot assistant HERBIE.

While Paul Walter Hauser’s MCU role in The Fantastic Four remains unconfirmed, the fact that his casting was announced so close to the movie’s main cast suggests he will play a character who’s intimate with Marvel’s First Family. Hauser’s comedic skills and experience in the comedy genre may have earned him the role of the Fantastic Four’s robot assistant HERBIE. Recently, Ricky Gervais responded cheekily to rumors that Marvel was looking to cast a comedian in this role, which supports this idea.

Hauser is also expanding his filmography in the comedy genre with the upcoming The Naked Gun reboot starring Liam Neeson, and will voice the character Embarrassment in Pixar’s Inside Out 2. These two roles more than support the theory that Paul Walter Hauser is voicing HERBIE in The Fantastic Four. However, Hauser’s MCU role will only be officially confirmed by Marvel Studios as more news about The Fantastic Four come to light in the following months.

Source: Deadline

Fantastic Four 2025 Valentines Day Poster Featuring Pedro Pascal, Vanessa Kirby, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, and Joseph Quinn

The Fantastic Four (2025)

Matt Shakman

Josh Friedman , Jeff Kaplan , Ian Springer

Pedro Pascal , Vanessa Kirby , Ebon Moss-Bachrach , Joseph Quinn

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