• David Leitch left
    Jurassic World 4
    to exercise his right as an experienced director to decline projects for creative freedom.
  • His amicable exit paved the way for Gareth Edwards to take over, bringing his expertise in visual effects and creature features.
  • Despite Leitch’s departure, the movie’s creative team, including the original writer and producers, promises to honor the franchise’s legacy.

As the sequel moves ahead with Gareth Edwards, David Leitch opens up about why he left directing Jurassic World 4. While the movie marks the fourth installment in the Jurassic World film series, it will reportedly introduce a new era in the entire Jurassic Park franchise. As a result, none of the franchise’s previous characters are expected to return, and it will introduce a new story that has not yet been disclosed. Shortly after the new film was confirmed, it was revealed that Leitch was in talks to direct, though was quickly followed by news that he had departed the movie, raising curiosity over his exit.

While appearing on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Leitch addressed his exit from Jurassic World 4. His exit was not forced, as Leitch confirmed he had the “privilege” to decide for himself if he wished to direct the movie or not. He views it as a well-earned right for experienced directors to be able to decline films based on what they feel is best for them and the movie. Hence, he felt his departure from Jurassic World 4 was the best option for himself and the movie. Check out his statement below:

We have the privilege of choice and that’s daunting. And it’s true though, and we’ve kind of earned it, in terms of the movies that we’ve made and the successes they’ve had, and hopefully continued success, but to be asked to be in those worlds, you want to take those conversations seriously, and we are creative to find our ways in to a lot of things. So it was a really great conversation to have, to be in talks with Steven and Frank, about that franchise that is so dear to us, it was a really beautiful time. Ultimately, you have to do what’s best for the movie at hand and do what’s best for you as an artist.

And make sure that you’re making the same movie, and you could do it within the parameters, and at some point we just said — we wanted to give that answer quickly because they have to go make this movie quickly that everyone is excited to see, and I think that they’ve landed on, obviously, a brilliant director, who we love and respect and… it’s gonna be amazing. [Turning down Jurassic World 4 was] surreal, but I believe we’ve earned this position [to turn it down]. And we’re privileged we are able to choose the movies we want to make, and we want to make sure we have the creative freedom to make those movies the way we want to make them.

What Jurassic World 4’s Creative Team Looks Like Now

Three T-rexes standing on top of cliffs in Jurassic World Dominion

Leitch’s statement confirms prior reports that his Jurassic World 4 exit was amicable. While there were hints of creative differences, as he mentioned the importance of having creative freedom as a director, it seems the studio respected his decision. Although his exit initially raised concern over the movie’s progress, it didn’t take Jurassic World 4 long at all to find another talented director in the form of Gareth Edwards. Edwards is an excellent choice given his experience in bringing larger-than-life creatures to the screen and creating stunning visual effects with such works as Godzilla (2014) and The Creator under his belt.


10 Lessons Jurassic World 4 Can Learn From The Director’s Past Movies

Universal has hired The Creator’s Gareth Edwards to direct Jurassic World 4, and there are a few key lessons to take from Edwards’ past movies.

Although Edwards was planning on making more original films, like The Creator, he expressed that Jurassic World 4 was an opportunity he simply couldn’t decline. Leitch has also offered his support of Edwards, calling him a “brilliant director” and expressing his faith that the movie would be “amazing” under him. In addition to a strong director, the film has tapped an adept screenwriter who actually hails from the franchise’s past with David Koepp. Koepp wrote the first two Jurassic Park movies, suggesting the newest movie may be returning to the franchise’s roots.

Rounding out the movie’s creative team are the franchise’s three well-known producers, Steven Spielberg, Frank Marshall, and Patrick Crowley. Although the franchise’s actors are not believed to be reprising their roles for the new movie, the familiar creative team bodes well for Jurassic World 4 recapturing the franchise’s legacy while adding something new. Ultimately, departures from movies over creative differences don’t always signify something negative, as Jurassic World 4 was still able to assemble quite the creative team, while Leitch is content to exercise his right to work on movies of his choosing.

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Jurassic World 4

Jurassic World 4 is the seventh film in the Jurassic Park franchise and continues the story of Jurassic World: Dominion. Written by David Koepp, Jurassic World 4 will begin a new era for the Jurassic franchise.

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