• Laurie Metcalf claims her Ghostface reveal in
    Scream 2
    is the best in the franchise, highlighting her complex character and villainous twist.
  • The upcoming
    Scream 7
    , with legacy characters returning, marks Kevin Williamson’s directorial debut in the franchise, promising a fresh direction.
  • With
    Scream 6
    ‘s success and ongoing audience interest, there’s anticipation for the next installment, though matching the franchise’s earlier twists may be challenging.

A former Scream franchise actor has claimed that her Ghostface reveal in the successful sequel Scream 2 ranks as the best in the franchise. The franchise began in 1996 with Wes Craven’s hit meta-slasher, which saw Neve Campbell’s Sidney Prescott and her friends terrorized by a killer in a Ghostface mask. The film was a box-office success, grossing $173 million against a production budget of just $17 million, and to date has spawned five sequels, with Scream 7 currently in development. The franchise is famed for its final act Ghostface reveals, most of which provide shocking twists and revelations.

Now, one former Ghostface has claimed that her reveal is the best the franchise has seen so far. In an interview with Collider at the recent Calgary Expo, Laurie Metcalf, who played Debbie Salt/Nancy Loomis in Scream 2, was one of two Ghostface killers (alongside Timothy Olyphant’s Mickey), and spoke about her role in the film and claimed her character’s reveal ranks as a franchise best. Metcalf spoke about how grateful she was that her character still received recognition, and revealed her enjoyment playing a complex character with a franchise-stealing twist. Check out her comments below:

I mean all I had to do was — I guess I just sort of, in my head, split her apart and Debbie Salt, I just played as a villain. And then Nancy, I played as a rabid mother avenging her son. They were very separate in my head… There was no overlap… If you’re good at playing the lunatic, you basically, as an actor, you have a free pass to be as crazy as you want to be. I think in the
movies, my character has the best reveal.

Can Scream 7 Top Nancy Loomis’ Ghostface Reveal?

The Franchise Faces Uncertain Times Following High-Profile Departures

Scream 2022 Sidney Gale

Kevin Williamson, who penned the first two and fourth movies, will be in the director’s chair for the new installment, which bodes well for
Scream 7
, and could also explain the return of several legacy characters.

Not much is known about the next installment yet, although fans of the franchise will be pleased to know that Campbell will return for Scream 7, after her absence in the sixth movie over a pay dispute. Patrick Dempsey could also reprise his role as Det. Mark Kincaid from Scream 3, and legacy star Courteney Cox is in talks to return as Gale Weathers, so there does seem to be a refocus on legacy characters for the upcoming sequel. Who Ghostface will end up being is anyone’s guess at this stage, and though rumors of a Stu Macher return would make for an explosive reveal, the chances of this seem unlikely.


5 Best Scream Theories About Stu Macher

Among the theories about the Scream saga are many about Stu Macher, what really happened to him, his real motives, and his potential future.

Kevin Williamson, who penned the first two and fourth movies, will be in the director’s chair for the new installment, which bodes well for Scream 7, and could also explain the return of several legacy characters. Williamson created the franchise and thus could steady the ship and guide it in a new fresh direction following Jenna Ortega’s exit, Melissa Barrera’s firing from the franchise, and the departure of its original director, Christopher Landon. But even with Williamson at the helm, the movie will be hard-pressed to match the twists of earlier Scream movies.

Scream 7
will mark Williamson’s first movie as director since his debut with 1999’s
Teaching Mrs. Tingle

Metcalf’s comments show the enduring legacy of the Scream franchise, and the iconic role of Ghostface as a hidden identity, as well as the memorable nature of Ghostface reveals. Whilst Scream 7 could function more as a back-to-basics installment, the lack of certain characters, and the need to freshen things up will make it much harder to keep audiences surprised. However, with Scream 6 performing well at the box office, it seems there is still an appetite for Scream movies, and this should be viewed as a positive sign for the sequel, as well as future installments.

Source: Collider

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Created by Kevin Williamson and originally helmed by Wes Craven, the Scream franchise takes a meta approach to the slasher horror franchise, centering on teenagers well-versed in the genre who find themselves hunted and killed by figures donning the Ghostface mask. The first four movies revolved around Neve Campbell’s Sydney Prescott as she frequently found herself the target of different Ghostface killers, while the fifth and sixth installments introduced new protagonists, sisters Tara and Sam, with their own dark past connected to the original Ghostface killer.

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