The Fall Guy director David Leitch explains how the Ryan Gosling-Emily Blunt action-comedy movie pulled off its surprise major ending cameo.

The following contains spoilers for The Fall Guy


  • Director David Leitch reveals how he pulled off the surprise cameo in
    The Fall Guy
  • Leitch called upon a friend from an earlier movie to appear in the summer action film.
  • The cameo star flew in for a day to film his scene with explosions and a cowboy costume.

The Fall Guy director David Leitch explains how the action-comedy movie pulled off its major ending cameo.

This summer’s big Ryan Gosling-led action movie, The Fall Guy, features a surprise cameo from Aquaman star Jason Momoa, and director David Leitch has explained how the movie pulled it off. Check out his remarks below (via Business Insider):

“Jason and I go way back to his days when he was Conan. I directed the second unit on that movie and we became good friends. … I just reached out and asked if he would come over for a day, and without blinking, he flew in and out on the same day, He showed up, and we put him in the cowboy costume, and there are explosions going on around him, He came up to me and said, ‘Only you, Leitch, would have me do this.'”

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